County Judge

The County Judge is the executive officer of Martin County. This position requires that the elected individual act as chief administrator and budget officer for the entire county. The Martin County Judge presides over the Commissioners Court, as well as Civil, Probate, Juvenile, and County Criminal Courts, and is a voting member of the Martin County Commissioners Court.

County Judge official duties:
  • include overseeing the agenda process for meetings. 
  • rendering informal legal opinions to Commissioners Court.
  • ensures that notice is given for all court meetings and that meetings are conducted in accordance with State Law. 
  • Questions pertaining to the official actions of the Commissioners Court and operations of the county government are also directed to the Judge.  
  • In addition to county business: 
  • he appears on behalf of Martin County before state legislative committees, state boards and commissions, federal congressional committees and agencies, and other local governments governing bodies. 
  • He also performs other duties specified by law. 
The Judge also carries out a variety of responsibilities related to calling, holding, posting notices, canvassing, and certifying elections. Administrative duties include receiving and approving bonds, sureties, bids, and contracts for various county concerns. 

Assistance to individuals and organizations who need information or services from other governments or community organizations serves as conservator of the peace, issuing delayed birth certificates, and grants or denies requests for hardship drivers licenses are also the responsibility of the County Judge. 

In addition, the Judge provides executive oversight and county-wide coordination in concert with the Emergency Management Coordinator, including declaring of disasters and applying for and receiving aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.