Tax Assessor - Collector

"It is the mission of the Martin County Tax Office to assess and collect the taxes and to provide exemplary service in a cost efficient manner to all the residents of Martin County."

The Martin County Tax Assessor-Collector is a constitutional officer mandated by the Texas constitution, elected by and directly responsible to the people. The Constitution of the State of Texas of 1845 originally set-up an elective office of Assessor and Collector of Taxes. Many changes have taken place over the years leading to the current responsibilities of County Tax Assessor-Collectors. Assessor-Collectors are elected to four-year terms and are one of only two constitutionally mandated county-wide elected positions.

Because of the wide range of responsibilities performed by the Assessor-Collector, most citizens deal with this office more frequently than with any other. The Office of the Tax Assessor-Collector provides services for Property Tax Collections and is designated by statute as the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) agent for the collection of motor vehicle sales taxes, registrations, and other related fees.

Until 2013 the Tax Assessor-Collector also served as Voter Registrar for Martin County. On October 1, 2013, those duties, along with the County Clerk's responsibilities for conducting elections, passed to the newly created position of Elections Administrator who now maintains the records of registered voters. The Tax Assessor-Collector's office also issues tax certificates, conducts Sheriff Sales for real and personal property, and collects State mandated vehicle inventory tax.

The Martin County Tax Office collects ad valorem property taxes, Road & Bridge taxes and collects taxes for the Permian Basin Underground Water District for Martin County. 

We are committed to serving you. Please don't hesitate to call us should you have any questions regarding your property taxes, vehicle title or registration.