Martin County Library

The Martin County Library was first established in 1914 by members of the Stanton Reading Club. The Library collection was located in a store owned by Mrs. Perry Clements who generously donated an area for the Library to be housed.

In 1922 the collection of books was donated to and relocated to the Stanton High School building. In 1923 the school house was destroyed by fire and the Library burned with it. It was not reestablished until 1929 by the Stanton Study Club. It took the group two years to assemble a collection and re-open the library. It officially opened on December 10, 1931. At that time the library occupied a room in the County Courthouse and in 1932 was moved to a separate building.

In 1935 it was once again housed in the County Courthouse. In 1951 the second story of the old jail building was turned over to the Library. In 1953, County Commissioners paid the Librarian’s salary plus $300 annually for books. In 1963 the library moved to a 1,100 square foot building.

In April of 2008, the library acquired a defunct 6,600 square foot hardware store that was remodeled to house the library today.